Dear Visitors,

Welcome to our website! We hope you will find all the necessary information related to our  profile  and the  types of training  we offer.

Our school is a secondary technical and vocational school specialising in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and information technology . The dual language (English or German) technical section is an essential component of our academic programme, on completion of which the successful students will receive an advanced level language certificate (C1) in the respective language. (More information on our programmes in What we offer ).

We firmly believe that our students should receive training of a high standard  designed to meet  their unique needs, skills and abilities so that they will perform  well in their area of specialisation.In  addition to professional knowledge, we find it important  to foster basic human values in our students such as a willingness to help, consideration for each other, empathy, honesty, self-discipline and  a sense of duty, all of which are  paramount to high-quality work for students and teachers alike.

It is crucial that we create in our school a student-friendly, stressfree,  and safe teaching-learning environment  so that  students can  perform  to the best of their abilities and leave school with high-level professional knowledge and skills in their specialisation.

Our instructional-educational mission is set forward in our pedagogical programme as follows:” The primary goal of  any instructional-educational activity carried out in  our school is to prepare students to meet the economic and technological requirements of a continuously changing society, as well as become responsible,  autonomous citizens able to achieve their full potential.”

We further aim to prepare our students to:

  • „integrate successfully into their micro-and macro environment;
  •  be able to make sensible decisions on their further education/ future career;
  • become self-directed, lifelong learners ( both generally and professionally);
  • be able to integrate into their future work environment.”