Leonardo Mobility Project -2012-2013

Tempus Public Foundations provided a grant of 26,556 euros to be spent on vocational training abroad within the European Union.Due to this funding,  in 2012 and 2013, 16 students, 8 in each year, could complete  a one-month professional internship programme in Inca (Mallorca). During this working period our students acquired  valuable professional skills and gained memorable experience of the place.

In what follows, we would like to illustrate the success of the project through the  accounts  and   pictures of the participants.

Student account 1

Place and time of internship:Servei Técnic Informátic, Inca, Mallorca, Spain; October, 2012

We completed our professional apprenticeship in a computer services shop where our task was to repair and maintain computers. In each case, the work process included three steps:checking the equipment for proper operation, diagnosing  operational problems and making recommendations for the repair The solutions we offered ranged from replacing faulty parts,  debugging, software update and replacing hardware to reinstalling an entire operating system. First, under  supervision we performed jobs such as storing data, testing discs or managing the programmes used in the shop.Later, we were allowed to work on  our own.

We learnt a lot about  diagnosing  problems and troubleshooting. Besides, we improved our communication and interpersonal skills  and  English language knowledge.Our ’bosses’ were kind and helpful.

Apart from work, we had time to explore the beauties of the islands and the local culture, play football and basketball with the locals .

Our accommodation was comforable and  well-equipped with all modern conveniences.

Before leaving for Mallorca, we had had a one-month induction training which included Spanish classes, technical English classes and lessons on Spanish culture an way of life.

The trip to Spain was well-organised thank to our teacher Hegyiné Z.Szilvia

Student account 2

Our journey to Mallorca began on 22 October, 2013. After a stopover in  London, we arrived at our destination the following day.

My first impression of the place was favourable from the moment we left the airport.

The huge palm trees, the weather and the kindness of the people all created a pleasant atmosphere, which made me feel at home immediately. I stayed in rented accommodation with three other schoolmates. The flat was comfortable and well-equipped; the neighbourhood, with its shadowy houses and narrow streets was a typical Spanish setting.

Sharing a flat with others was a new and positive experience for me. I learnt the skills of maintaining a household and having the companionship of others.

We worked as system administrators in Ies Pau Casesnoves secondary technical school where our main job was updating and servicing the computers. We had to calibrate sound systems, projectors and whiteboards, as well. The supervising teacher was very helpful and he was always there when we needed  troubleshooting advice.

In sum, the one-month stay in Mallorca was a useful period of professional apprenticeship for the whole group. Besides, the beauty of the landscape and the kindness of the people will stay with us forever. Most importantly, we learnt how to be self-sufficient in a foreign environment and appreciate the work of others.

On a final note,  we would like to thank our school for making this learning experince possible for us.


Student account 3

Eight students from our school were given the chance to participate in a vocational training programme in Inca, Mallorca. We worked downtown Palma de Mallorca in a computer repair shop. Our task was to provide on-site services to schools and offices, which included jobs such as installing a high-capacity printer and connecting it with the local computer network, installing a whiteboard or performing different minor repair jobs.In the shop  we serviced computers, or did welding..The Spanish colleagues were very kind and helpful. Although their English was not as good as ours, we managed to cooperate and improve professionally.

In the afternoons we went sightseing, to the beach and enjoyed the Spanish lifestyle.

We visited Valldemossa, a small town in the mountains and admired the beauty of the place and the panorama it offered.

In sum, if somebody gave a plane ticket to Mallorca, I would pack and leave immediately. I think that says it all.