Our school participates in EU projects  regularly. Over the years many of our teachers and students have had the opportunity to work abroad, exchange their technical knowledge and expertise  and improve professionally.

Project running currently:

*Erasmus+EU programme – 2014-2015

Partners:Spain, Finland,Germany

A total number of 28 students, 14 in  each year, partcipate in this project.

( 8 students – Spain;8 students – Finland;12 students-Germany )

Previous projects:

*Leonardo Mobility Project -2012-2013

Partner: Spain

16 students participated in the vocational training programme

*Leonardo Mobility Project –2008-2009

Partner: Finland

16 students participated in the vocational  training programme

*Leonardo Partnership Programme – 2009-2011

Vocational education programme

Partners:Turkey, Scotland

*Leonardo Partnership Programme – 2008-2010

Vocational education programme

Partners:Finland, England, Spain

*Comenius School Partnerships – 2005-2006

Foreign language project


*Comenius School Partnerships – 2004-2005

Environmemtal protection project

Partners:Austria, Greece,Germany, Norway

*Boundless! Programme, 2010

20 students visited Croatia

48 students visited Transylvania